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Commercial Floor Restoration Service

Our restoration technicians provide the best-in-class floor restoration service in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

As homeowners we cherish our classic flooring options. Whether it’s marble, hardwood, tiles, mosaic or concrete. We just love how their shine and radiance make us feel more welcoming.

But keeping up with the appearance can be a tough job.

Our floors are the first point of contact for anyone. That’s exactly what makes them accumulate the most dirt and scratches. As a result, they tend to lose their shine over time.

You might be wiping and dusting them quite often, but that does not give it back the radiance it once had whether they are tiles, wooden or natural stone finishes.

Why Choose Us For Floor Restoration?

Our flooring restoration service technicians will expertly restore your floor to its original state of eminence. All the while protecting the integrity of the surface.

Using the right methods, and benefiting from our modern and efficient industrial-grade machinery, foreign cleaning agents and polishing compounds makes our floor restoration service one of the best in the country.

Our technicians and supervisors have years of combined experience in working on marbles to tiles and mosaic floors. So whether it’s a small repair or a large commercial restoration project, you can rest assured our team will get the job done with perfection. Guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction.

What types of floors do we restore?

We provide a comprehensive line of restoration services all over Dhaka city. Both for residences and commercial facilities. Here is a list of our restoration services:

  • Timber Floor restoration
  • Hardwood Floor restoration
  • Concrete Floor restoration
  • Wood Floor restoration
  • Marble floor restoration
  • Wood Floor restoration
  • Our Pricing

    Floor Types Marble Granite Mosaic Tiles Wooden Floor
    Price (per sqft in BDT) 35/= 40/= 30/= 5-8/= 25/=

    We would love to help you out with taking the first step to restoring your floors.

    Feel free to reach out to us.

    01406-699766 or customercare@nasproclean.com
    Or just drop by for a cup of coffee to discuss all your cleaning and maintenance needs:
    4/6, Road-9, Block- J, Baridhara 1212 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.

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