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Health-based Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Service in Dhaka

When it comes to cleaning for a healthy lifestyle, we provide the most reliable upholstery cleaning services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We install our sofas and carpets to enhance the looks and make our home feel more comfortable.

But carpets and upholstered items are notorious for attracting dust mites, allergens, molds etc. on a daily basis.

They release airborne particles which can trigger serious health problems for people with breathing issues, such as asthma. Allergens and dust-mites are the core cause of respiratory problems and allergies among humans. Children and the elderly members of the household are particularly susceptible to dust allergies.

A professional cleaning service will extend the lifespan of your sofa and carpet. It will also improve your health, airflow around the house, and the look and feel of your home.

This makes carpets and upholstery cleaning extremely important. For the overall appearance of your home and also for the safety of its members.

How can we help?

Our health-based cleaning process and chemicals are designed to effectively remove all sorts of allergens and bacteria.

Our spray extraction cleaning systems reaches deep into the fiber of your carpets and sofas to whisk away all sorts of harmful particles such as dust mites, allergens, and molds.

Leaving behind no dust-attracting residues. This makes your carpets and upholstery last longer.

Our years of combined expertise in health-based cleaning means that our professionals are well trained and highly equipped to expertly manage with your cleaning needs.

So when you rely on us to clean your carpets and upholstery, you get deeper and better clean for a healthy home.

Our Pricing

Upholstery cleaning

Number of seats 5 6 7
Classic 2,000/= 2,400/= 2,800/=
Modern 2,500/= 3,000/= 3,500/=

Leather Sofa Clean & Polish

Number of seats 1 5 6 7
Classic 700/= 3,500/= 4,200/= 4,900/=

Carpet cleaning

Size (in inches) 5’*8’ 6’*10’ 8’*12’ 10’*14’ 12’*16’
Price (in BDT) 1,500/= 1,800/= 2,000/= 2,500/= 3,500/=
Size (in sqft) 500-800 801-1500 1501-2200 2201-5000
Price (per sqft in BDT) 15/= 12/= 10/= 8/=

Want to enjoy a healthier and germ-free lifestyle? We’re here to help

Feel free to reach out to us.

01406-699766 or customercare@nasproclean.com
Or just drop by for a cup of coffee to discuss all your cleaning and maintenance needs:
4/6, Road-9, Block- J, Baridhara 1212 Dhaka, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.

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