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Remove Hard Water Marks from Glass Today!

With 100% customer satisfaction rate in all projects, Nasah Professional Cleaning is the most sought after glass cleaning experts in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bright, clean windows can make our home and offices feel more inviting. A spotless and sleek shower glass can enhance the impression of your bathrooms.

However, dirt, hard watermark, and debris can cause serious damage to our windows.

Soaps commonly have paraffin wax which reacts with hard water. After you shower, the combination of your home’s water to your soaps leaves a layer of scum on your shower glass. Accumulated over time, the glass can become stained and cloudy. Hard watermark on shower glass can be a nightmare to look at.

So even if your home looks and feels clean from the inside, dirty windows and cloudy shower glasses can break its appearance.

And cleaning them to remove can the stains can be time consuming and feel like an uphill battle. Because let’s face it, as a busy individual, you’d rather be doing something else on a weekend than cleaning your shower glass.

How can we help?

With our expertise, both the noticeable and unnoticeable stains and discoloration will no longer be there.

Hard water, dirt, and debris can collect on your windows or shower glass and etch them away over time.

Our surface-friendly cleaning agents and trained professionals remove all types dirt and glass stains that include chemical damage from acid rain, glass oxidation, hard water deposits, etc.

This means your glass will last longer.

Our Pricing

Type of Glass Indoor Outdoor
Price (Per square feet) BDT 3.00 - 5.00 /= BDT 7.00 - 10.00 /=
Number of Unit(s) 1 2 3 4
Price (in BDT) 1,500/= each 1,300/= each 1,200/= each 1,200/= each

Want to remove hard water marks from glass?

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